About High Power Solutions

Today’s popular electronic products often receive more attention than the underlying electronics disciplines that establish their proper and effective operation. Bryan A. Weaver Ph.D. founded High Power Solutions LLC in 2006 to focus on providing services related to these disciplines; power electronics, analog and radio frequency (RF) power systems.

Dr. Weaver has more than 30 years of experience with power electronics, analog and RF power systems. While still in high school, Dr. Weaver earned the Federal Communications Commission’s First Class Radiotelephone license. With this license, he could operate and maintain the transmitters and antennas of any radio or television station in the United States. Shortly thereafter, he began working at radio stations in the Indianapolis area while completing high school and throughout his undergraduate work at Purdue University.

After earning his bachelor’s degree, Dr. Weaver moved to Texas and worked as a staff engineer for a Dallas based AM/FM radio station. By this time he had obtained in-depth experience in high quality analog design. He expanded his experience to the power electronics and RF power areas, working for over ten years on designing, developing and commissioning high power transmitters and modulator systems for a Dallas based world leader in high power RF systems. During that time, as a principal engineer, Dr. Weaver developed an even deeper understanding of the complexities that are often encountered when working with low level analog signals in high power, large scale systems. It was at that time that he was awarded five U.S. Patents (3 as named inventor, 2 as co-inventor).

Dr. Weaver gained further experience in power electronics and RF power amplification as a designer for a Colorado based manufacturer of MRI RF power amplifiers. This included designing the power electronics sub-assembly for a 0.5 Tesla solid-state MRI RF amplifier and the vacuum tube RF power amplifier for a 1.0 Tesla MRI. He also worked as the lead electrical engineer for a Virginia based research and development firm where he participated in both the assembly level development and system level testing of a vibration control prototype for a machinery raft model of a naval application.

In 2001 Dr. Weaver returned to school to earn an MSEE in electrophysics and a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Drexel University in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. The title of his Ph.D. thesis is High Power Switching Device SPICE Models Based on Circuit Response. With the models that Dr. Weaver developed for his thesis, the application engineer is no longer restricted by the availability or accuracy of SPICE models for high power switching devices. While he was completing these degrees, he worked full time as a Senior Principal Engineer for an international defense electronics company where he was the power electronics lead engineer for a product line of airborne radar jamming transmitters. He was also invited to serve as a member of a division wide power electronics and signal integrity subject matter experts group.

Dr. Weaver is a Senior Member of the IEEE Power Electronics, Power and Energy, and Microwave Theory and Techniques Societies. He has been honored by admission to the Alpha Beta Chapter of the IEEE honors society Eta Kappa Nu.