• Design and Development

    The process of first creating and then producing a new working product. We have provided our design and development services for creating products in the following disciplines:

    Power Electronics

    • Switch mode power supplies, inverters and amplifiers/modulators
    • Wideband linear regulators
    • Feedback loop stability analysis
    • Magnetics design (e.g., transformers, inductors)
    • Power factor correction circuitry
    • Power converter topology selection

    Analog Circuitry

    • Precision low noise audio and ultrasonic signal processing
    • Instrumentation amplifiers and anti-alias filters for data acquisition

    RF Power

    Vacuum tube power amplifiers utilizing:

    • Triodes
    • Tetrodes
    • Traveling Wave Tubes
    • Inductive Output Tubes (Klystrodes)
  • Systems Engineering

    An approach to the overall life cycle of a product or system which is often divided into a number of sub-assemblies and project-phases often called tasks. A representative sample of the tasks we can undertake for your company includes:

    • Specification Writing
    • Product Line Development
    • Design Review
    • Failure Analysis / Troubleshooting
    • Sub-Circuit to System Level Testing
    • Design for Regulatory Testing
    • Signal Integrity (electrical performance of conductors, connectors and ground)
    • Electro Magnetic Interference / Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMI/EMC)
    • System Integration
    • Reliability Analysis
      • Mean Time Between Failures
      • Root Cause Failure
      • Component Stress Analysis
    • Statistical Analysis
      • Sensitivity Analysis
      • Worst Case Analysis
      • Root Sum Square Analysis
    • Parts Replacement / Substitution (often requires partial circuit redesign)
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)

    The application of computer programs to augment the user’s capability and accelerate design and development activities. Examples of our CAD experience and capabilities include:

    • SPICE
    • MATLAB®
    • Mathcad®
    • Power Semiconductor Device Modeling
    • Circuit and System Level Modeling
    • Thermal Analysis
  • Consulting / Expert Witness

    A person who by virtue of education, training, skill, or experience, is believed to have expertise and specialized knowledge in a particular subject beyond that of the average person.

    • Patent prosecution related analyses
    • Patent litigation related analyses
    • Technical Analysis (e.g., litigation, arbitration, mediation, early neutral evaluation)
    • Prior art investigation
  • Mentoring / Training

    The practice of supporting and encouraging others that work in your discipline. A means to pass one’s knowledge onto others.
    We are available for short term training or on an as needed basis to further expand the knowledge base of your staff in the power electronics, analog and RF power disciplines.